Belated posting…but relevant: List for Kinky Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s me…Kitten. Just to say…I’ve been ever so good this year. It’s been hard and lonely…but I’ve got myself through. Even took myself to California as a precursor to the Year of Love rainbow sparkles boosting extravaganza that 2017 is expected to be…but in order to do this…I kinda need your help.

Having been blooming in the desert for the past 4 years…I’ve learnt a lot. In my function as an oasis, but what I also, in turn, need to grow. This year alone I have been able to become more forward in general but also specifically ask for what I want and need. Which then leads me to the following…I know you’re a good man and will help me out…especially since there’s a Unicon vibrator at stake!

I believe my community, tribe, resonance and visible-making kin are out there. My rainbow beings and my reflection hope for the future.

Pleasure, light and love.


Kitten’s list

· Daddy Dom
To help me with routines, being kind to myself and especially setting homework about my attitude towards self pleasure and tracking my cycle. Special interest in separating my sexually exploring middle from my non sexual little – reclaiming that part of my erotic development. But also the idea of being bred by Daddy is fucking hot.

· Pet handler/ wrangler
I don’t like the binary of D/s. I find it too limiting…I need the physicality…the threat of being overpowered and the releasing of the importance of words and verbal communication. And wrestling…I really enjoy being thrown about. For too long I’ve shaped my identity around being hypervigilant and clever and not around my senses. I want to let that go. To be forced to obey and surrender to my lust, framing the world through the inputs and delighting in my sensual nature.

I am built for pleasure, for taking and for ravaging. It’s time to lay aside logic and be moulded and shaped by the ache between my legs. And to bring the Pet Shop to life.

· Network of servicemen
This is covered in more detail in a separate post as I’m actively seeking to recruit. But I want a tribe of people to call upon at core parts of my cycle. Those not afraid of getting their red wings at certain times or fulfilling the biological imperative of life calling to life at others. I need to be serviced regularly, to delight in and own my high drive. And to work through my fear of worshipping cock.; to meld with others as part of our devotion to the cause or at events and fulfil my bucket lists rather than hide them away for a rainy day. I want sex in that rain and to let go and let them in.

· Forced lactation
The idea of breeding, fertility and being defined my biology excites and frightens me…but having had a few play experienced of forced lactation…its something I want to explore further. These breasts are made for nurturing and I want that deep rooted craving to be fed. To delve into the conservative nature of my past and transmute the fear of baby making into alchemical gold

· Dollification
I am female born, female raised and female framed. I want to no longer hide my curves away and am incredibly interested in the idea of hyperfeminization and dollification. To come back into my skin and feel comfortable there but then taken to the heights of objectification where all that matters is the contrast between the curve of my breast and the compactness of my waist.. To be your muse, your sex slave, the epitome of your desire. For it is in that I come home to myself.

· Race play – Sahib
It is only through contrast am I wholly visible. Being second generation Indian and off white passing…I often disappear. I am heavily drawn to race play and serving a white Sahib through the nature of my inferior breeding and function as a furthering of the labour force. Either as a brood mare, odalisque or if Sahib pleases manual labour but I also know where my strengths lie – as confidante or between my legs. But it’s been a long time since I was put in my place.

· Mentor/ disciplinarian
I need containing. I have survived what I have been through by being a whirlwind. I am intense and I know how to own that. But in the fact of containment, of self-assuredness, I melt. I want to be met, disciplined and captured.

· Mommy
I need a Mommy to brush my hair, tell me how beautiful I am and initiate me into the joys of being delighted in. To spank my bottom when I am not being precocious and turning myself down to fit into how other people see me. To walk with me in this path of being a strong woman and provide solace in time of need.

· Big sister types
I am the eldest child. A pioneer with no one to follow. And I desperately need space for my middle to be able to learn from big sisters how to please the boys and also each other. To not be afraid of cunt – my own and others and to please, pleasure and taste/

· Friends to do things with
I adore the videogames munch. I’m a terrible button pusher…but it was great to just hang out with kinky folks doing activities I enjoy. I am on a quest to find out what I like doing for the sake of doing it and so just having people to explore life with would be ace.

And finally…

· A unicorn vibrator.
A unicorn naturally needs a unicorn toy. And I tend to break mine…my pelvic floor is that strong…it happens. But as this exists…I want it.

Final note…

These are all fantasies rooted in the paramount security of emotional literacy, safe sex and my worth and humanity. I want to cultivate deep connections so as to surrender. There are people I believe out there for whom this does not need to be said…but as I am posting this publically…just to cover this. This process will not be rushed and yes I want it all, but my imagination is wide and I know I deserve it. Don’t we all get to wish for what we want.

Happy Kitten. Big love. Big heart. Big desire.

One thought on “Belated posting…but relevant: List for Kinky Santa”

  1. Wow! This sounds like a great way to start 2017, would love to see update s on your journey to find what you’re looking for!
    And if there’s a place to volunteer point me in the right direction, you’ve listed a *lot* of my kinks xx

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