The Order of the Capers of Kitten – Network of Servicemen role profile

Wanted especially – Ringmaster General:

· Can be shared role or rolling.
· Keep Kitten grounded and emotionally processing. I’m not particularly good at being verbal during play so this is something I need homework in working on, especially also keeping my eyes open.
· Reminding me of my value and sacrosanct humanity. I can only let go into degradation once this is secure and stable.
· Being vigilant during group scenes. There is no space here for people to get carried away or break the rules. I need to trust.

All servicemen must be:

· Emotionally literate and respectful. This is all about self-care and the release of shame to boost the happiness quotient of the universe and spread rainbow sparkles.
· Not afraid of being physical and holding space for me to let go. I need to meld with people who know how to show up for themselves.
· Understand the importance of going slow and foreplay. This Kitten gets very wet with a licking and although my cunt gets quite demanding…rush in I get dry.
· Responsible – frequent testing and commitment to safe sex.
· Have some kind of belief system to bring consciousness to this social experiment.
· Adventurous journeymen to help me fulfill my bucket list and inspiring my writing material in the launch of the business next year.
· Commitment to servicing me at least once a month where possible, maybe more frequently.

Kitten’s favourites

· Special red wings duty – my drive is almost as high on my period as when I’m ovulating
· Understanding of releasing chronic pain. I’m more likely to head towards being your 3-hole slut if I’m not tense – especially in my jaw. Nothing comes by force – certainly not me.
· Tutoring me in putting on condoms. I kinda like the idea of being able to do that with my mouth
· Added incentives to help me track my cycle – hands on testing of my fertility and breeding fantasies material.
· Emergency call out bonuses – help me help you. Brave Kitten wants to do more booty calls.

How this all works?

With the right ingredients, anything is possible. Will be working on revised bucket lists over Christmas, but want to start getting a feel for people to join the Order.

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