The Order of the Capers of Kitten – Preliminary questing questions

1) Is there life outside the bedroom for you? What makes you tick?

I wear many hats and am heading towards setting up my own writing practice and several businesses. Socially, I enjoy karaoke, pool, bowling, theatre, movies as well as being touristy and scenic. I have an N64 and some board games. I enjoy reading, 5USA and travelling. I am especially partial to sunshine, autumn leaves and snow. I keep active; enjoy swimming and especially the feeling of running water over my skin.

I am a conversationalist. The best way to my cunt is through my ears, so show me your world. I also enjoy cuddles, wrestling, good food (especially chocolate, yes both types) and drink (a rosé wine girl at heart) and being taken roughly. Also deep philosophical conversations into the night, preferably by a roaring fire.

Ultimately, I want my band of merry men to cause chaos in the heart of Toryville so having things in common to talk about is essential. Social meeting is mandatory. My time is precious as is my safety. Being primal, I’m highly protective of my lair as any cat is.

2) Do you have any unsuspecting partners?

No, I have been solo poly for the past 8 years. My first priority is my relationship with myself framed with an absolute territorial attitude towards my space and my agency. As in I have the freedom to explore connections however they manifest, centred on mutual consent, safety and exploration. But I am ultimately looking for community, soulidarity and inspiration – hence the quest. Ethics are what drives me and although I dwell in the shadows and filth – being on the fetish scene for 8 years and kinky as fuck – there is no room for secrecy here. Ties that bind and tie me up welcome if freedom to play is given by those that matter to you. And no, I’m not submissive, I just like being thrown about.

I do not think this is the wrong place to be looking for depth and due process as the swinging scene is founded on rapport, social scene and thinking/ talking about sex. I have a high drive and know how to make use of it, but it’s the vibe that counts. Which although pretty words on the Internet go a long way to gauge rapport, I want to know the substance of you before we play. This is my creative inspiration at stake and so I need to know I can trust you.

3) Do you get tested regularly?

Yes, as part of my commitment to myself I go to the GUM clinic every 3-6 months as part of self care or more frequently if I have a higher period of partner turnover. I see being conscious about testing as a way of responsible adulting and expect people I am fucking to have similar principles.

4) Do you understand the importance of protected sex?

I’m not looking to birth actual children yet, just literary progeny. I enjoy the art of wrapping and skyns are actually quite pleasurable. The only time there have been problems is when the guy wasn’t hard enough and there’s always something you can do about that.

Protected sex is non negotiable. And it sets off an alarm if you even ask about barebacking.

5) Are you comfortable with period sex?

Yes, when I’m in flow I find that I have a secondary hormonal spike and I like to make use of that. Not to mention that sex is helpful for the back cramps.

I’m aware not everyone is comfortable, but sex is a messy business. I am charting my cycle, I know when my heavy days are and much prefer the actual state of being in flow to the expansive biological imperative of ovulation.

I’ve been tracking for 4 years now…I definitely know when to call on my band of merry men. Especially when they understand the emotional elemental shifts of the creative spiral.

Also looking for big sister types. I’ve been ever so good this year so I’ve had the ear of Kinky Santa. I don’t have a lot of experience with women…would love to know more about you beautiful creatures. And be taught how to please the boys more.

6) How do you like to boost the happiness quotient of the universe?

Creativity and fluidity run though my veins and they are cemented in the importance of equality and celebrating female sexuality. I do identify as a feminist and am committed to making the world not only safer but also emotionally literate. The personal is political and this quest represents my choice to enjoy the freedom and the privilege I have to be able to delight in my own happiness and lust.

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  1. Chaos in the heart of Toryville sounds great to me!! Alongside quite a few other points in this post! Hope you keep us updated with your adventures xx

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