The dance

Trusting the process and finding the how…this is my explore;

In the ether beyond the labels, I reside. Pathwalker, soul shaker, axe grinder, intense firer
Fire heart, braveheart, not for the faint heart.
I permeate, desecrate your pathology. Your binary radar of normativity.
Those inner boxes that keep you safe and you from me.
From me will come the fluidity, will come the fluidity, will come
The technicolour, weaving rainbows.
Calling nations to their stations.
Bored of excuses, let me explore your frustration, let me expose my armour, no need for salvation.
Co-creation, validation tools of the trade of this generation.
And whilst this all might not quite make sense. Its just my first attempt at a stream of consciousness.

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